Air Quality Station with WiFi

This page describes setting up a simple air quality monitoring station. This was a prototype used in the development of our primary air quality monitor project.


  • Arduino Uno
  • K-30 CO2 sensor from
  • Dust sensor (Shinyei Model PPD42NS)
  • WiFi shield
  • Grove shield
  • DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Wind speed sensor (optional)
  • Grove cables


  1. Place the WiFi shield on the Arduino. Use jumpers on the shield to connect WIFI_TX to D7 and WIFI_RX to D6.
  2. Place the Grove shield on top of the WiFi shield.
  3. Solder a Grove cable onto the I2C lines of the CO2 sensor
  4. Connect the CO2 sensor to an I2C connector on the Grove shield.
  5. Connect the dust sensor to D3.
  6. Connect the temperature and humidity sensor to D4.
  7. If you are using a wind speed sensor, connect it to D2.
  8. Set up a data set patterned after the one provided below.
  9. Make a copy of the Arduino sketch and specify your data set ID, network name, and network password.
  10. Send the sketch to your Arduino.

Here is a data set from one of our test systems.