Biometric Sensors

This describes how to set up a biometric monitor that measures galvanic skin response, heart rate, acceleration, and position via GPS.

We're working on a prototype Android application that receives data from the Arduino. This application also logs GPS coordinates and acceleration values using sensors on the phone. You could use a Grove GPS and an ADXL345 accelerometer instead.


  • Arduino Uno
  • Pulse sensor
  • Grove Serial bluetooth device
  • Grove GSR sensor
  • Grove shield
  • Grove cables


  1. Attach the Grove shield to the Arduino.
  2. Connect the serial bluetooth device to D2.
  3. Connect the Grove GSR sensor to A0.
  4. Connect the Pulse sensor to A2.
  5. Create a data flow for the Arduino.

Exploration Questions

  • How does your heart rate change with physical activity?
  • How long does it take for your heart rate to return to normal after physical activity?
  • How does acceleration relate to physical activity?
  • Could you count footsteps using acceleration data?
  • What is galvanic skin response (GSR)?
  • How does GSR relate to activity? How does it relate to heart rate?

Other Ideas

Here are two biometrics projects we would like to implement:

If you're interested in building one of these and providing documentation, we can provide the materials.

We'd also like to explore using the Grove Color Sensor for heart rate measurement and the Bitalino platform for measuring ECG and EMG.

Let us know if you have other suggestions for biometric sensor devices.