Electromagnetism Kit


The electromagnetism kit can be used for a variety of electromagnetic experiments.


The kit includes the following items:

  • Grove shield for Arduino
  • Arduino base plate, mounting hardware, and rubber feet
  • two 50 cm Grove cables
  • alligator clip cables
  • 3-axis compass
  • resistors
  • screw terminal
  • bar magnet
  • holder for two AA batteries
  • nail for electromagnet
  • two 180 cm coils of magnet wire; 0.51mm diameter (24 gauge)
  • motor kit:
    • laser-cut parts
    • nuts and bolts
    • rubber feet
    • 100 cm magnet wire; 0.64 mm diameter (22 gauge)
    • 130 cm magnet wire; 0.64 mm diameter (22 gauge)
    • disc magnet
    • foam tape
    • IR sensor

(Note: the Kickstarter version of this kit comes with a current sensor.)

Prepare your Arduino

  1. Use the provided screws to attach the Arduino to the base plate.
  2. Add rubber feet to the base plate:
  3. Attach the Grove shield to the Arduino. Be sure to line up the pins properly.

Assemble Electromagnet

  1. Select one of the 180cm coils of magnet wire (0.51mm diameter; 24 gauge). Use a knife blade to scrape the enamel from each end.
  2. Wrap the coil tightly around the nail:

Assemble Motor

Note: we have produced multiple version of the DIY motor kit. Yours may be different from the version shown here.

  1. Attach the IR reflective sensor to the provided motor structure.
  2. Create a coil of magnet wire (0.64 mm diameter, 22 gauge) by wrapping it around the provided plastic cylinder:
  3. Tie the wire around the ends:
  4. Use a knife to remove the enamel from one end of the coil. On the other end, remove the enamel only on one side of the wire.
  5. Rotate one of the L brackets to load the coil into the motor structure:

  6. Connect the motor to the battery pack (optionally with a resistor) using the alligator clip cables.

Using the Kit

The compass can be used with the Plotting Magnetic Fields lesson.

The electromagnet can be used with the Electromagnet Strength lesson.

The motor can be used with the Simple Motor lesson.


If you have any trouble, email support@manylabs.org.