Pulley and Pendulum


The pulley and pendulum kit can be used for various physical motion experiments. Both the pulley and pendulum use an IR reflective sensor to measure the rotational motion.


The kit includes the following items:

  • laser-cut acrylic parts
  • mounting nuts and bolts
  • axle and axle collars
  • IR reflective sensor
  • Grove cable with extender
  • string for pulley
  • pendulum rods
  • washers for use as pendulum weights (about 10 grams each)
  • small binder clip for attaching washers to pendulum
  • small allen wrench for removing axle collars
  • ring stand clamp

Not included:

  • ring stand
  • weights for pulley experiments

Note about Grove Physics Kit

If you purchased a Grove Physics Kit from Seeed Studio, you'll find that the pulley does not rotate smoothly. Contact us at kits@manylabs.org and we'll send you a replacement.

Assemble the Pulley

  1. Connect the IR reflective sensor to the black plastic part as shown:

  2. Attach the bolt using to the small black part with a hole in the center. Use the thicker washer. Make sure it is tight:

  3. Assemble the rest of the black plastic parts:

  4. Place a rubber washer onto the long bolt:

  5. Connect the bolt using a wing nut:

  6. Attach the sides to the pulley using 1cm screws:

  7. Attach the pulley using the provided axle and collars. Use the provided hex wrench to tighten the collars:

Assemble the Pendulum

  1. Assemble the remaining white plastic parts as shown:

  2. Place the wood rod into the plastic assembly. Use the beveled end (marked with black ink):

  3. Place the pendulum unit in place of the pulley wheel:

  4. Attach washers to pendulum using a small binder clip:

    Provided washers are about 10 grams each.

Mounting Options

  1. The pulley/pendulum device can be attached to a ring stand (not included) using the provided clamp.

  2. Place the rubber feet to the black base plate:

  3. You can attach this to the pulley/pendulum device:

  4. The pulley can also be attached to the end of a wooden track (see the Cart and Track) using a pair of wood screws:

Using the Kit

The pendulum can be used with the Pendulum Period lesson.

The pulley can be used with the Atwood Machine lesson.


If you have any trouble, email support@manylabs.org.