Sodaq Board

This page describes how to set up a portable data recorder using the Sodaq board. We provide a sample sketch that stores sensor values in the board's flash memory and allows the data to be retrieved later.



Prepare your Board

  1. Connect the button to D2/D3 (not switched).
  2. Connect the knob to A0/A1 (not switched).
  3. Connect the light sensor to A2/A3 (not switched).
  4. Plug in the Sodaq board using a USB Mini-B cable.
  5. Turn the power switch to on.
  6. Send the Simple Data Recorder sketch to your Arduino. Be sure to select PDR / SODAQ from the microcontroller list.

Recording Data

  1. Turn on the board.
  2. Hold down the button for two seconds to begin recording. The red LED will flash each time it stores a new record.
  3. If you'd like to see the sensor values, connect to the board using the Arduino Console.
  4. After your recording is complete, turn the board off and on stop the recording.
  5. Visit the Arduino Import Tool to retrieve the data from the flash memory.

What's next?