Test Tube Color Sensor


This page describes how to set up a test tube color sensor.


The kit includes the following items:

  • Grove shield for Arduino
  • Arduino base plate, mounting hardware, and rubber feet
  • two 50 cm Grove cables
  • temperature probe
  • RGB color sensor
  • white LED
  • laser cut parts for test tube color sensor
  • nuts, bolts, and rubber feet for test tube color sensor

Prepare your Arduino

  1. Use the provided screws to attach the Arduino to the base plate.
  2. Add rubber feet to the base plate:
  3. Attach the Grove shield to the Arduino. Be sure to line up the pins properly.

Assemble Test Tube Color Sensor

Note: if your laser-cut parts have paper covering, use a knife to peel it off.

Also note: some kits come with parts for multiple test tube sizes.

  1. Place the rubber feet on one side of the bottom plate:
  2. If needed, bend the white LED so that it points out from the flat side of its circuit board:
  3. Attach the LED unit to this side plate:
  4. Attach the color sensor to the other side plate:
  5. Use masking tape to hold the parts together:
  6. Add the top plate:
  7. Add the LED unit and screws:
  8. In order to make a measurement, place the test tube inside the completed sensor module:
  9. Place the cover over the test tube:

Using the Kit


If you have any trouble, email support@manylabs.org.