Water Sensors

We're designing a portable system for measuring water pollution. It includes sensors for dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, pH, and clarity/turbidity.

The system measures turbidity using a plastic tube with a bright LED at one end of the tube and an RGB color/light sensor at the other end of the tube. The tube is designed to allow entry of water but not light.


  • pH board and probe (Sparky's Widgets)
  • EC board and probe (Sparky's Widgets)
  • dissolved oxygen board and probe (Atlas Scientific)
  • digital color/light sensor (Atlas Scientific)
  • large white LED
  • plastic tube and end caps
  • large metal washers
  • SODAQ board
  • Grove OLED display
  • battery pack
  • power switch
  • assorted mounting hardware
  • wire
  • wire ties
  • plastic case for SODAQ and batteries

We are currently exploring alternatives for DO and EC controller boards. Once those are ready, we'll provide detailed assembly instructions. Meanwhile contact projects@manylabs.org if you have requests or suggestions for water sensing.

Here is tube for the water color/turbidity sensor:

Here is the LED unit:

Here is the sensor unit: