Data Scavenger Hunt
1. Data Scavenger Hunt
1. Data Scavenger Hunt
Click the Actions button on the data set block below. Then choose Open Data Set. Select your data set in the menu and click Ok. Finally, click Check Progress. Example data is already loaded.

The lesson goals will update based on your data. Complete them all to finish the scavenger hunt.
Select a data set:

Enter a name for the data set:
Enter a description for the data set (optional):
Will this data continue to be updated regularly?

Set Permissions
    Enter a name for the data feed:
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    Enter the Access Code for the feed:

    Scavenger Hunt Items

    1. Start at 23rd and Mission. You can buy fish within 100 meters. Go inside and make a measurement.
    2. Go to the restaurant across the street from the fish shop. There's a clock behind the counter. Make a measurement when the minute hand is pointing at a number.
    3. Walk one block north and wait on the corner for a truck to pass. Make a measurement as the truck passes.
    4. Walk west to then turn south when you see the pasta shop. Make a measurement while running.
    5. Make a measurement that forms an equilateral triangle with the meat/fish shop and pasta shop.
    6. Count the faces on the north wall of the school. Use the knob to enter this number.
    7. Walk east until you see a signal from the beacon. Make a measurement.
    8. Nearby is a mural with the ice cream vendor. Make a measurement of the color of his jacket. (Be sure to turn on the sensor's light and hold it directly against the wall.)
    9. Use the sonar sensor to make a measurement of the distance from the mural to the street.
    2. Lesson Done